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The colonies where separated send depended on England Canada became a country in July1,1867.

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Canada was ruled by Great Britain.

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Q: What was the political condition in Canada before confederation?
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Which two provinces joined Canada in 1905?

To "join" implies that two entities existed separately, and then became one. While Alberta and Saskatchewan became provinces on September 1, 1905, it was because they were created out of the Northwest Territories by the Government of Canada. These provinces did not exist as separate entities before September 1, 1905, and therefore could not "join" Canada. It is better to say that they "entered Confederation" on September 1, 1905.

What was the condition of the world before Rizal was born?

pure, pure chaos

What did george etienne cartier do before politics?

George Etienne Cartier was a practicing lawyer before he was elected liberal reformer in Canada.

How long did aboriginal people reside in Canada before europeans came?

Depends on which group. Immigration from Asia started about 15,000 years ago and has been ongoing since then. Some Aboriginal people, the Inuit for example would have arrived as recently as 1,000 years ago, displacing previous cultures. This would have occurred through out Canada just as it had every else. Canada is just one step in our migration out of Africa to South America. When thinking of Canada keep in mind that no one lived in most of Canada 10,000 years ago as most of it was under Ice. Only after the ice sheet retreated could people live in most of what is today Canada, and the land would take hundreds, in some areas, thousands of years before it would become habitable. Europeans arrived in Canada about 1,000 years ago. Unless of course they arrived before the Clovis people.

What was the largest city in North America before Spain's arrival to the new world?

Other European countries were torn by religious and political conflicts.o.

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Describe the political condition in Canada before Confederation?

Is Canada really going through financial and political crisis?

Was Canada created in 1867 with the Canada act?

No. The Confederation of Canada was created by the British North American Act of 1867. Before that there was a province of Canada.

How were Britain and Canada East related before Confederation?

Canada East did not exist as a separate entity. It was the former Lower Canada. From 1842 to 1867 was part of the pre-Confederation Province of Canada. As such, it was a largely self-governing British colony.

Which five cities took turns being the Capital of Canada before confederation?

Toronto, Kingston Montréal, Québec, and Ottawa were all capital of the pre-Confederation Province of Canada.

Were the four provinces that joined the new dominion of Canada there before Canada?

Strictly speaking, no, the united Province of Canada was split to form the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Québec at confederation. However, the Province of Canada included the old Canada West and the old Canada East, which were to become the new provinces. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were there before confederation.

When did the province of Quebec enter the confederation?

1867, before that they were part of the Province of Canada.

Did the natives land in Canada before the fathers of confederation?

yes they did, they were the first people here, in canada, but soon enough the fathers of confederation came, and some native tribes started to become extinct

How did Canada east feel about Canada west joining the Confederation?

Canada East and Canada West were already part of a political union, the Province of Canada, before Confederation, so they wouldn't have seen each other as joining Confederation. In the Province of Canada, Confederation was seen as a solution to a domestic issue. The Parliament of Canada was ineffective because a double majority of MPs from Canada West and Canada East was needed in order to pass legislation. Governments were fragile and short lived political coalitions, and they could never get anything done because the two regions could not agree on anything.Federalism brought greater autonomy for the two regions by granting them self government, and strengthened the central government by freeing it from the need to please everybody all the time and by bringing in more parties to the union, namely Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, which helped to correct the adversarial East/West dynamic.

Why did Manitoba join Canada?

1. It is not called "confederacy" in Canada. The correct term is Confederation, and it is capitalized.2. Manitoba did not "join" Confederation. Manitoba did not exist as a separate entity before it entered Confederation. Manitoba was created out of the North-western Territories by the federal government.

Who was the governor general of Canada before Adrienne Clarkson?

The Right Honourable Roméo LeBlanc was the Governor General of Canada immediately before Adrienne Clarkson, and the 25th since Confederation.

What was happening in the US during Confederation in Canada?

The American Civil War: it ended just before Canada came into existence; however, it probably served as a warning to the authors of confederation about the importance of having a strong central government.

Why did Canada west join the confederation?

Canada West didn't join confederation. It was the name given to what had been Upper Canada before it joined with Lower Canada to become the Province of Canada. This united province then confederated with Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in 1867 and was split into Ontario and Quebec. One of the reasons Canada sought confederation with its neighbouring colonies was to resolve its own political deadlock between the primarily English Canada West and the primarily French Canada East. Other influences included the desire to build an inter-colony rail road, as well as the desire to strengthen British North America against attack by the United States.