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Q: What was the population of Canberra in 2007?
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What is the population of Gambia?

Population: 1,688,359 (July 2007 est.)

When was Canberra made?


What was the capital of Australia during World War 2?


Where was the national apology held?

The National Apology by Kevin Rudd was held in Canberra, ACT Australia.

Why and how did Canberra become the capital of Australia?

Although Australia's two largest and wealthiest cities were Sydney and Melbourne, rivalry between them since before the goldrush days essentially prohibited either city from becoming the national capital. It was therefore decided that the nation's capital should be situated between the two cities. However, the capital could not be on the coast, as it was felt that this would render the nation's capital vulnerable to attack from enemy ships. Climate and setting were also important: the climatto could not be warm and tropical, as there were concerns this could lead to "torpor" for the country's top decision makers, and the setting needed to be elevated with a grand outlook, so surrounding mountains were desirable. Section 125 of the Constitution of Australia provided that: "The seat of Government of the Commonwealth shall be determined by the Parliament, and shall be within territory which shall have been granted to or acquired by the Commonwealth, and shall be vested in and belong to the Commonwealth, and shall be in the State of New South Wales, and be distant not less than one hundred miles from Sydney. Such territory shall contain an area of not less than one hundred square miles, and such portion thereof as shall consist of Crown lands shall be granted to the Commonwealth without any payment therefore. The Parliament shall sit at Melbourne until it meets at the seat of Government." Numerous locations were checked over by federal parliamentarians. They included Albury, Armidale, Bathurst, Bombala, Dalgety, Delegate, Goulburn, Lake George, Lyndhurst, Orange, Queanbeyan, Tumut, Wagga Wagga and Yass. Although the first preferred site was Dalgety, this was discounted as being too close to Melbourne and too far from Sydney. A location was chosen which was 248km from Sydney and 483km from Melbourne, within easy access of both cities. Farming land was taken up for this purpose. The first survey peg marking the beginning of the development of the city of Canberra was driven in on 20 February 1913. The foundation stone was laid on 12 March 1913. Lady Denman, wife of the Governor-General, then announced the name of the city as Canberra, believed to be a derivation of an Aboriginal word for 'meeting place'.

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What is the capital of Australia and how big is it?

The capital of Australia is Canberra. In December 2007, its population was 340800.

How big is canberra?

The Australian flag that flies 81 metres above Parliament House in Canberra measures 12.8 metres by 6.4 metres.

When was Canberra Glassworks created?

Canberra Glassworks was created in 2007.

What is the population of Canberra?

As of mid 2013, the population of Canberra, the capital city of Australia, was approximately 379 600.

What was the Population of Canberra in August 2009?

Around 345,000 people lives in Canberra in mid 2009.

Is Wollongong smaller in population than Canberra?

Wollongong is smaller. Canberra's current population (2008) is around 340,000, while the population of Wollongong is around 196,000, according to IRIS Research.

How many people live in the Australian Capital Territory?

Canberra has a population of approximately 358,222 people.

Country of Canberra?

Canberra is a city located in Australia. It was established in 1913, has a population of 381,488, and is Australia's capital city.

How many square kilometres in Canberra?

Canberra is the capital of Australia. Canberra covers a total of 314. 4 square miles and has a current population of 381,488 people.

How many cities in Australia have a bigger population than Canberra?


Are there houses in Canberra?

Of course. Canberra is Australia's capital city, with a population of about 380 000. It is Australia's largest inland city, and the seat of Federal Parliament.

Order these cities in order of population from least to greatest Adelaide canberra Hobart Perth Brisbane?

Least to greatest: Hobart Canberra Adelaide Perth Brisbane