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Prior to the goldrushes, the population of NSW in 1851 was around 197,265. After the start of the goldrushes, that figure increased dramatically, but because of the transient population, there are no exact figures for 1851 post-gold-discovery.

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Q: What was the population of NSW in 1851?
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When did the Bathurst Gold Rush start?

The first official discovery of payable gold near Bathurst, NSW, was made in 1851.

When did the gold rush begins?

The gold rush began in 1851 NSW

Where did goldmining begin?

In 1851 Edward Hargraves found gold in Bathurst NSW.

When did bathurst gold rush start?

The goldrush in Bathurst, NSW started in May 1851.

When and where did the gold rush start in NSW?

The gold rush in Australia started in May 1851 after it was announced that there had been the first strike of payable gold near Ophir (near Bathurst) in NSW.

What are NSW's population?

The population of New South Wales is about 7,300,000

How many people in NSW?

The estimated residential population of NSW in 2010 was around 6.9 million.

What was the population of NSW in 1900?

1 million

What is the current population of Terranora NSW?


Is NSW bigger than Japan?

Japan is 377,944 km2 NSW is 809,444 km2 So yes NSW is bigger than Japan Not in terms of population. Japan has about 16.9 times the population that of New South Wales.

Is it true that Nsw has a larger population that Queensland and Western Australia combined?

Yes, it's true! NSW has a population of 7,303,700 people while Queensland and Western Australia have a population 6,900,200 together.

What is the population of Broken hill?

In 2009, the population of Broken Hill in far western NSW is about 21300.