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Santa Fe Trail

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Q: What was the primary trade route in the Southwest in 1880?
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Santa Fe Trail?

an important trade route going between Independence, Missouri and Santa fe, New mexico used from about 1821 to 1880

When was Swiss Federation of Trade Unions created?

Swiss Federation of Trade Unions was created in 1880.

What is the value of an 1880 US trade dollar?

Only 1,987 trade dollars were struck in 1880 and all were proof coins. You'd need to have the coin inspected in person by an expert, but trade dollars are among the most widely counterfeited dollar-sized coins.

What industry gained million dollars between 1880 and 1890?

Trade and transportation.

What is the Santa Fe Trail in Santa Fe New Mexico known for?

It had a few purposes:It was used as a transportation route that connected Missouri with Santa Fe, New Mexico, in Central America, serving as an International highway until the use of a railroad was introduced to Sante Fe in 1880.It was used as an invasion route by the American Army during the Mexican-American War.It was used as a trade route between the United States and Mexico.

Which industry gained about 1000000 dollars during the period between 1880 and 1890?

Trade and transportation.

What year is roman numeral mdcccxxxvl?

That is not a valid roman numeral.

What has the author EDMUND MB KING written?


What has the author Wallace Cause Willson written?

Wallace Cause Willson has written: 'Weekly prices of butter on the Elgin Board of Trade from 1880 to 1912 ..'

What is 1880 - 1968?

1880 - 1968 equals -88.

What is a 1880 US silver dollar worth?

Values are: No mint mark, "O", or "S" - about $17 "CC" mint mark - $100 if worn, $200+ with only moderate wear. Note that there are Morgan dollars and Trade dollars, but they're different coins. Trade dollars all have those words on the back. Plus, 1880 trade dollars were only issued in proof, so it's almost certain you have a Morgan dollar (the classic silver dollar most people think of)

1880 trade dollar?

Trade dollars were only struck as proof coins in that year. If your coin has a picture of Miss Liberty in a sitting position and the words TRADE DOLLAR on the back, you should have it checked for authenticity; there are many counterfeits. If it only has a picture of Miss Liberty's head you have a Morgan dollar, not a Trade dollar. See the Related Link in that case.