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It ended the independence that the country had gained. The British had more hostility towards Morocco after this fighting.

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Q: What was the result of Moroccan crisis?
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What was the result of Moroccan crisis of World War 1?

It pitted Germany against France.

Who triggered the Moroccan crisis?


Which are factors of World War 1?

The Moroccan crisis and the Bosnian crisis

What happened at the moroccan crisis 1911?

many people died, for the best result i advise you to go onto 'bbc history chunks and info' to get the best detailed answer :)

How did the first Moroccan Crisis cause World War 1?

the Moroccan king was killed and everything turned into a big mess

What made the outbreak of war more likely the Bosnian or Moroccan crisis?

Definitely the Bosnian crisis. :) it is a vigina :)

What countries were involved in the 1905 moroccan crisis?

please help me

What happened during the First Moroccan crisis?

In 1805, France tried to claim Morocco as its protectorate and Kaiser William II visited Morocco and publicly supported its territorial integrity. In 1906,A conference was called by the Powers in Spain the solve the First Moroccan Crisis. Britain backed France to get the national defence of Morocco. In 1911, Germany sent a gunboat to Moroccan port of Agadir to protect its interest over there and prevents it from expanding. Britain backed France again and Morocco becomes the protectorate of France. Although the two Moroccan Crises did not result in war, it further worsened relationship between Britain, France and Germany.

What else did Germans do to start World War 1?

They tried to interfered with the entente cordiale in the Moroccan crisis 1905.

What were the Causes of the First Moroccan Crisis?

Germany and France were the key countries in the Moroccan Crisis of 1911. Germany challenged France's attempt to convert Morocco into a French protectorate. A war was averted over this when both nations agreed to a compromise. This entailed Germany withdrawing its objections in exchange for a small area in the French Congo.

What is the result of Moroccan crisis?

the resulst of the first Morrocan Crisis in 1906 were: Anglo Russian agreement was signed in 1907 Britain and Russia had supported France which strengthned their relationship and led to the Anglo-Russian agreement in 1907. france had more confidencew in Britain's support and Britain's policy of splendid isolationism seemed to be coming to an end. OG

What countries were involved in the Moroccan crisis of 1906?

France and Germany were the main countries involved in the 1906 crisis. Nations supporting either side included Britain, Russia, Austria-Hungary, and Spain.