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Romanov pronounced Ro-marn-ov

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Q: What was the surname of the last Russian royal family?
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Why is Prince Charles last name Windsor and not Mountbatten?

Because that is the royal family's surname

What is the nationality of the surname Romanoff?

Romanoff is a Russian surname. The Romanoffs were the last Czarist dynasty of the Russian Empire.

What happended to the royal family of russia?

Most of the family was killed during the Russian Revolution including the last Tsar and his immediate family. The surviving family were exiled from Russia after the Revolution

Was the Russian royal family related to Serbian royal family?

That would depend on your point of view, as there is no 'Serbian royal family' per se. However, the last King of Yugoslavia, Peter II never abdicated, thus making his decendants the nearest thing. Peter II was related to the British Royal family through his mother, Maria of Romania. Nicholas II, last Tsar of Russia, was ALSO related to the British Royal family, through HIS mother, Maria Feodorovna.

Is rehal a jatt last name?

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This is to be declared on the day of the wedding, but usually the Royal Family does not take the last name. Instead, she will be addressed as something like, "Her Royal Highness, Princess William of Wales"

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In English, the family name is your last name, or "surname."

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In English, the family name is your last name, or "surname."

What is the queen's husband last name?

When he married the then Princess Elizabeth he was Lt. Philip Mountbatten, though as a member of the Royal family he doesn't use a surname and is titled His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

What was Dorothy and her family's surname in the Wizard of Oz?

"Gale" is their last name.

What was the name of the last royal family in russia?

the Romanov's

What royal family was queen Elizabeth last of?

your a panzy.