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1921 this is in terms of population growth

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Q: What was the year of great divide in India?
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Why the year 1921 is known as the year of great divide?

In India it marks the start of consistent population growth as revealed by the census, after decades of alternating growth and contraction or stagnation. In fact the change dates from 1920 with the passing of the influenza pandemic.

Which year is known as the year of great divide?


Is the year in which India got independence is a leap year?

the year when India got independence is on 1947 if you divide the year by 4 and the qoutient is 0 the year is a leap year

Which year is called demographic divide in the population study of India?


Marathi essay on India after independence?

Marthi's essay on India after Independence is called "Divide and Rule Policy in India". It highlights how the country was before and after Great Britain was in power.

What year did Alexander the Great successfully invaded India?

327 b.C.

How did Great Britain divide up India?

Great Britain divided India into two countries: India and Pakistan. It was to separate the two religions that were dominant in India: Hinduism and Islam.

Is great divide capitalized?

Yes. It should be--- Great Divide.

What caused the British to divide India as part of its independence?

After years of owning India, Britain realized in was not feasible to keep India. It was costing money to defend a country that was not able to offer much in the form of resources.

Did Gandhi divide India?

No, Gandhi did not divide India. He was a leader in the movement for Indian independence from British rule and advocated for Hindu-Muslim unity. However, after independence, the partition of India into separate countries of India and Pakistan was a result of political decisions made by the Indian National Congress and the British government.

Why are Himalayas a powerful natural barrier?

because of the strategical location off the great Himalayas, it acts as a climatic divide........

When was The Great Divide - book - created?

The Great Divide - book - was created in 1969.