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In fact shops were not as we see today. Many shops were in fact stalls, mostly on wheels with a picture of what the owner was selling. They did this because the majority could not read so pictures of their wares really was the first advertising. Many poor people sat or stood on the sides of roads selling from baskets and wooden boxes.

Fruit and vegetables, meats and bread where the main grocery product line. Note that when we say fruit it was very basic, apples and some Cherry types were the seasonal lines - potatoes were just introduced but were not sold in any amount as they were to be brought in from "the new world".

Weavers sold some clothing, blankets and tapestries but it was the very rich who bought these. There were cobblers who used the hides of animals to make soft shoes - these were very important retailers as leather was expensive although reasonable abundant

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sainsbury, bannana stalls

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Q: What were 3 types of shops in an Elizabethan town?
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