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Q: What were 4 of akbar the greats failures?
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Who was father of akbar?

Akbar is a ruler belonging to the Mughal Dynasty. He was the son of Humayun. Actually the sequence is like this- 1.Babur 2.Humayun 3.Akbar 4.Jahangir 5.Shah Jahan 6.Aurangzeb

Did Akbar win agaisnt Sher Shah Suri?

Sher Shah Suri, the Afghan Emperor had died in 1545. (Akbar was born on Oct 14, 1542). Akbar was only 3-4 years old at that time.

Who is the son of akbar's father?

Akbar's father's son is Akbar (or any brothers Akbar might have.)

Who were the nine jewels of Akbar?

1.Abul Fazal: The Vizier of Akbar, and the author of Akbarnama 2.Faizi: The Malik-ush-Shu'ara (poet laureate) of Akbar's Court. He was the elder brother of Abul Fazl. 3.Miyan Tansen: Akbar's court musician. 4.Raja Birbal: Akbar's Prime Minister 5.Raja Man Singh: One of the trusted generals of Akbar. 6.Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khan: A poet in Akbar's court and son of Bairam Khan. 7.Raja Todar Mal: Akbar's Finance Minister. 8.Fakir Aziao-Din & 9. Mullah Do Piaza: Akbar's Chief Advisers.

Was Akbar a Christian?

No. Akbar was a Muslim.

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Who is the father of akbar?

himayun was the father of akbar