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Q: What were King George's III rules?
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Who was king georges father?

The father of King George III was Frederick, Prince of Wales.

Which king reinged England in the 1700s?

Georges I, II and III all reigned in the 1700's.

Who rules Lesotho?

King Letsie III Prime Minisiter Pakalitha Mosisili

What was king georges III attitude towards the colonies?

he thought that the people were his property, and that he would get more money with taxing more people.

What were georges iii's successes and failures?

he died.

How old was king george when his term ended as king?

The British alone have 6 Georges who became Kings (My money is that you refer to III) but the question doesn't specify. All of their reigns ended when they died.

Who was the British king during the American Revolution?

George III

Who was The king of England when the American colonies rebelled?

King George III

Who Was commissioned by Emperor Napoleon III to modernize Paris?

Georges-Eugène Haussmann

What were the accomplishments of king george?

There have been six King Georges. Which one.

Where was king georges children born?


Who was the English king in 1773?

King George III