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Nehru wanted India to be independent. He also wanted that poverty in India ends. He did not like discrimination as well

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Q: What were Nehru's goals for India?
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What is the name of nehrus autobiography?

an autobiography

Who was the Law Minister in Nehrus cabinet?

B.R Ambedkar

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Which Indian leader had a profound impact on nehrus beliefs?

Subhash Chandra Bose

Who was the first women of nehrus family who became a president of Indian national congress?

Indira Gandhi

What goals did England want to accomplish in India?

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What were the goals of the two major nationalist groups in India?

. The goals of the two major nationalist groups in India was to adopt western ways and modernize India and reform the system of British rule, and to build a return to Hindu traditions.

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India becoming a Muslim state

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India becoming a Muslim state