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cmon dude i need the answer!!!!!! can't find it anywhwere help needed!!!!!!

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he was very jealous and did not like T

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Q: What were leif erikson's personality traits?
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What were Leif Ericson Difficulties hardships?

what was leif eriksons hardships

When was leif eriksons final voyage?


Where was Leif Eriksons death place?


What was leif eriksons date of exploration?


What is leif eriksons place of birth?


Where is the starting port of Leif Eriksons voyage?


What was leif eriksons sons name?

Thorkell Leifsson.

What were leif eriksons goals?

he needed to eat 200 lbs in 1 day

Who sponsored Leif Eriksons voyage to America?

No one. He supplied his own ship and supplies.

What was leif eriksons major discovory?

Newfoundland, mainly, but also that whole coast along Canada

Why was Leif Eriksons journey so importa NT?

He was the first outsidered to reach America that we know of.

Who was leif eriksons mother?

Erik the Red had no daughters but three sons