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The bad affects are more deises and death and there will be more orphans.

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Q: What were some effects of rapid population growth and urbanization in the middle east?
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How has population growth affected the movement of people in Middle America?

Population growth has affected Middle America because they have had to build more homes.

How does nutrition effect growth development and learning in middle aged adults?

Nutrition effects growth and development and learning in middle aged adults because of the mind on the way the adult thinks

What did Industrialization lead to?

Industrialization led to significant changes in society, including urbanization, the rise of factories and mass production, technological advancements, and the growth of the middle class. It also brought about increased pollution, exploitation of workers, and social inequalities.

How do you think the growth of agriculture affected Americas population?

The growth of agriculture affected America's population by expanding it to the center-middle portion of the country. This was where all of the crops were located.

. Which term best describes the primary reason for population growth in the Middle Colonies?


What term best describes the primary reason for population growth in the middle colonies?


What has the author Joanne E Holler written?

Joanne E. Holler has written: 'Population growth and social change in the Middle East' -- subject(s): Social conditions, Population, Social Conditions, Population Growth

In the middle east what is seen as a potential serious obstacle to achieving democratic governments?

Population growth, education and paradox of liberty and economic strife are serious obstacles to achieving democratic governments in the Middle East.

How does industrialization affect The Emergence of a Middle Class?

Urbanization and middle class relate to industrialization in the sense that the middle class form the larger part of the industry's labor force and urbanization provides this pool of laborers.

What contributed to the growth of the African population in British North America?

Slave trade and the Middle Passage.

What are facts about the Growth of Cities?

Cities are growing due to rural-to-urban migration, natural population growth, and economic opportunities. This growth poses challenges such as overcrowding, increased demand for resources, and infrastructure strain. Urbanization also brings benefits like better access to services, cultural diversity, and innovation.

What parts of the world are experiencing the most rapid population growth?

Currently, some parts of Africa, particularly countries in sub-Saharan Africa, are experiencing the most rapid population growth in the world. Additionally, parts of the Middle East and South Asia also have high population growth rates. These regions are characterized by high fertility rates, improved healthcare leading to lower mortality rates, and other socio-economic factors contributing to rapid population growth.