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Q: What were squints used for in a castle?
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What are squints used for?

Squints, or hagioscopes, were holes in walls of churches or chapels so people outside the chapel could see the important parts of the service. They were sometimes used to segregate people, such as lepers, from the congregation while allowing them access to the service. They were also used to conceal people so as not to make them distractions from worship; an example would be a squint for a bell ringer so he would know when to ring the bell.

What were squints used for in the Medieval times?

they are the peepholes in wall decorations by which the owner or steward could keep an eye on what went below. Kind of like a spy hole.

When was Dracula's castle built?

What year was Dracula's Castle built?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living near a castle?

Very basically, the advantages of living near a castle, which are built as centres of defence, were you enjoyed in part the protection provided by that castle, and probably were employed in some way servicing the infrastructure involving the castle itself and the castle town in general. Disadvantages include being on the spot when invaders attack the castle, and being subject without choice to laws and administration involving the castle, as well as being subject to sudden changes in your community and domestic situation in times of unrest. When the castle is under attack, the first priority is to protect those in the castle. Nearby residents are low on the list when it comes to protection, and easy targets for invaders. With the castle otherwise engaged or even out of action, even if your life goes on your livelihood will be severely compromised. The inhabitants of populated areas near castles generally had their own ways of protecting themselves, good escape routes being a priority, but it was still highly risky business.

What french castle was the peace treaty for world war 1 signed in?

Not a castle, a very grand palace; the Palace of Versailles, near Paris.