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This question fails to specify the source claiming that there are only eight ethnicities in the Middle East and there are currently hundreds of ethno-religious groups in the Middle East. Furthermore, there is no timeframe on this question, and ethnic changes in the Middle East are quite significant over time.

All-withstanding, the current most populous and famous ethnicities in the Middle East are:

1) Civilized Sunni Arabs (This is to say the Arabs who are Sunni Moslems and live in a relatively urban environment.)

2) Turks (This refers to the ethnicity of Turkey as opposed to the Turks meaning all similar people of that general ethnic group.)

3) Persians (This refers to the dominant ethnic group in Iran.)

4) Civilized Shiite Arabs (This is to say the Arabs who are Shiite Moslems and live in a relatively urban environment.)

5) Bedouins (This refers to the nomadic desert-Arabs that populate the Middle East)

6) Israeli Jews (This refers to the dominant ethno-religious group in the State of Israel.)

7) Egyptian Copts (This refers to the largest group of Egyptian Christianity.)

8) South Asians (This refers to the large immigrant worker population in the Gulf States that comes from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.)

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Q: What were the 8 different ethnic groups in the Middle East?
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The ancestors of the ethnic Russians were East-Slavic tribes fleeing from Mongol invasions.

What do you call a citizen of the middle east?

He is called a citizen of that country. If he is a citizen of Turkey, he is a Turkish citizen. If he is a citizen of Iran, he is an Iranian citizen. If he is a citizen of Yemen, he is a Yemeni citizen. If he is a citizen of Lebanon, he is a Lebanese citizen. Etc. Oftentimes, Middle-Easterners will also identify by ethnicity and/or by religion in addition to their nationality. For example: Kurdish Turk, Azeri Iranian, Zaydi Shiite Yemeni, and Maronite Christian Lebanese.

Who imperialized the middle east region?

the middle east was a large aria to control but the most common answer to who imperialised the middle east is Germany throughout ww2 The only two countries that occupied lands in the middle east are England and France

What is the largest city in the Middle East?

The largest city in the Middle East is Istanbul, Turkey. Wicked common mistake, Istanbul geographically is part of Europe, and Tehran is the current largest in the middle east Istanbul Does not belongs to Middle easf it, Turkey is half in Europe and half in Asia. By any mean Tehran is the larget city in Middle east

Why is the middle east called the middle east?

According to an article in Foreign Affairs (Davison, 1960) the term Middle East was popularized by an American naval officer named Alfred Thayer Mahan in 1902, but it might have been used by the British during their years of colonialism in the region. China and Japan for example were considered to be the Far East so the region between the Far East and The West then became the Near East or the Middle East. Although at times in history the Near East denoted the Balkans, it now generally means the Middle East plus Turkey and Iran. The terms Middle East and Near East are eurocentric because they describe a region in relation to Europe or The West. Despite this, the term is now accepted and even people in the Middle East call it that (Al-Sharq Al-Awasat means Middle East in Arabic). The issue of why the Middle East is called the Middle East is an interesting example of how simple geographic names are emeshed in geopolitics and can shift in meaning over time.For a more detailed history read: Roderic H. Davison, "Where is the Middle East?" Foreign Affairs, Vol. 38, p. 665 -675. July 1960

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What are the four ethnic groups of the middle east?

Arabs, Armenians, Kurds, Persians, Jews, and Turks are the ethnic groups that live in the Middle East.

What ethnic are middle easterners?

Yes and No. Generally speaking, Middle Eastern is not an ethnicity since the term can be applied to a number of different ethnic groups (Arabs, Turks, Persians, Jews, etc.) However, people from the Middle East will often just call themselves Middle Eastern to avoid necessarily associating with one of the various ethnic groups.

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Arabs is the largest ethnic group in the middle east

What is the largest ethnic group in the Middle East?

ARABS are the most populous ethnic group in the Middle East.

What is The Crucible of conflict in the middle east?

The crucible of conflict in the middle east is based on ethnic differences. Groups strongly believe that their religion and culture is native to the area and gives them power over the land.

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There are so many different political groups with absolute opinions that conflict in the Middle East will never be resolved.

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What is the main ethnic group in the middle east?


Who's behind all of the wars that are going on in the Middle East?

Different groups of Muslim extremists are behind most of the current unrest across the Middle East and Asia.

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