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the migration trend in 1800 in europ is they had to find better jobs so they went to different parts of the contry and that includes the us. most moved for better jobs and better pay but some moved for freedom and to get away from the sovet reunion.

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Q: What were the Migration trends of Europe in the 1800?
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What are the current demographic trends in Europe?

Some current demographic trends in Europe include an aging population, declining birth rates in many countries, increasing diversity due to migration, and urbanization leading to more people living in cities. These trends impact various aspects of society, such as the labor force, social services, and cultural dynamics.

What patterns of migration are reflected in the guianas?

In the Guianas, the patterns of migration reflect historical ties to Europe (especially the Netherlands, France, and the UK), as well as movement within the Caribbean region. Recent migration trends also show an increase in labor migration from neighboring countries in South America, such as Brazil and Venezuela.

What' was the great migration that took place between 1910 and 1940?

a great migration that came from Europe to the us

What regions of Europe experianced out migration?

middle east and western Europe

Where in Europe is there migration?

There is migration all over Europe and in every part. However, Western Europe tends to have more immigration (people moving in) versus Eastern Europe, who tends to have more emigration (people moving out).

How did the migration of people chang in western Europe?

They only traveled in places in Europe.

What was the 'great migration' that took place between and 1940?

a great migration that came from Europe to the us

What account for most of the population growth of the Europe?

A positive migration rate Apex***

What are the types of migration in demography?

The two main types of migration in demography are internal migration, which involves movement within a country, and international migration, which involves movement between countries. Internal migration can be rural-urban or urban-rural, while international migration can be voluntary or forced. Both types of migration have significant impacts on population distribution and demographic trends.

What is the population of Europe in 1800 or 1750?

About 140 million in 1750 and 180m in 1800.

What has been the dominate migration pattern of western Europe?

West Europe was first populated around 1.2 million years ago (Atapuerca). The Dominant Migration Period, also called the Barbarian Invasions or (wandering of the peoples), was a period of human migration that occurred during roughly 300 -700 AD in Europe,.

What continent dominated the world in 1800?

Europe in 1800's more or less dominated the world.