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They were known as Village guards.

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Q: What were the ahdis of Akbar's time?
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Who was akbars father?

Akbar's father was HUMAYUN, the second mughal ruler.

Who was akbars famous general who defeated Cheros in 1591?

raja man singh

What was relation beteen naseer ul din humayun with king akbar?

humayun was akbars father

Who invent biryani?

akbar invented biryani wen the war was begine that time all the army in akbars team get tyard and not have enough strenth to fight that time akbar make the biryani in mutton it will give more strenth like that biryani invented.....

How did Akbars religious policy in the mid 1500s differ from the religious policy of the different emperor in the late 1600s?

Cuz it's his rules :d.

What were akbars weaknesses?

He gave genorous land grants to his bureaucrats which could cause them to rebel against him beceause of the power the bureaucrats would have.

What is the name of akbars second son?

Akbar's first and second sons were twins, Hasan and Husain. They died in infancy. Akbar's second surviving son was Prince Murad.

5 Akbars religious attitude can best be described as?

A. Tolerant and inquisitive. B. Tolerant but disinterested. C. Intolerant and hostile. D. Intolerant and disinterested. E. Undeveloped and secular.

What early experiences shaped akbars attitude towards religion?

the answer is that they thought teir religion was the only one to be excepted

Akbars tolerant religious policy helped convert more people to Islam true or false?

False. Akbar was not a Muslim in the true sense of the word. He invented his own religion called "Deen-i-Elahi".

Why were akbars 9 gems called the navratnas?

In Hindi nav means nine and ratans means precious stones so nav-ratans means the nine gems this is in reference to the 9 courtiers of Akbar

How many akbars restaurant in the world?

Akbar's Restaurants are based Nationally in the UK and have currently 11 branches with the 12th branch opening soon in October 2012 (Oriental). Akbar's is solely owned by Managing Director - Shabir Hussain. Note : This doesn't include the number of other 'Akbar' / Akbar's named restaurants in the 'World'.