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They were easy and cheap to make. Pupils could be taught to read and write with these tablets, which were also very useful when officials needed to record somethings (for instance, the exact quantity of wheat traded with another city or the pay received by a farmer).

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Q: What were the benefits on using clay tablets in past times?
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What are the advantages of using clay tablets?

Clay is strong

What are the benefits and drawbacks of keeping records in cuneiform on clay tablets?

Benefitsprevented fraud (e.g. trade)kept records of the pastnew way to communicateDrawbackshard to carry around because it was made in clay tablets

What are some of the benefits and drawbacks of keeping records in cuneiform on clay tablets?

Benefits: Longevity: Clay tablets have proven to be a durable medium for preserving written records over thousands of years. Authenticity: Cuneiform on clay tablets provides a direct link to ancient civilizations, offering insights into their language, culture, and history. Drawbacks: Fragility: Clay tablets can break easily, leading to potential loss of information. Storage and translation challenges: Maintaining and deciphering cuneiform tablets can be time-consuming and require specialized expertise.

Where was clay tablets found?

Clay tablets were made out of clay that was easily found by the rivers of Tigris and Euphrates.

Who used clay tablets as mean of communication?

who used clay tablets are the Egyptians

What are some Advantages about writing on clay?

It does not come off easily after written, but breaks if not careful... There are not much advantages to using clay tablets

Who used clay tablets?

Clay tablets were used by Sumerian civilization. Another word for ''clay tablets'' it's called cuneiform.Cuneiformdocuments were written onclay tablets, by means of a blunt reed for a stylus.

How did they make the first clay tablet?

The first clay tablets were likely made by ancient civilizations by taking wet clay, shaping it into a flat surface, and then inscribing marks or symbols using a stylus or similar tool. After the inscriptions were made, the clay tablets would be dried or fired to harden them for preservation. These tablets were then used for writing, record-keeping, and communication.

What are the benefits of the clay mask?

The benefits of receiving a clay mask will depend upon which clay you are using. However generally people receiving clay masks seek to revitalize the skin and have a younger healthier looking face.

How was cuneiform made?

Cuneiform was made using wedged shaped tools and were made on clay tablets.

What were Sumerian clay tablets made of?


What are the advantages of clay tablets?

Clay is strong