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because they were mad people

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Q: What were the causes of Santhal rebellion?
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When did Santhal rebellion happen?

Santhal rebellion happened in 1855.

Which santhal rebellion broke out in1855 under the leadership of which 2 brothers?

Sidhu and Kanhu.

When did Jangal Santhal die?

Jangal Santhal died in 1987.

What material were used for the sculpture of santhal family st the first time?

"Santhal family" by Ramkinkar Baij was initially made in Mud

When did santhal revolt start?

1854 AD

What is rebellion in the forest?

in many parts of india and across the world forest communities rebelled against the changes that were being imposed by them the leaders of these movements against the british like sidhu and kanu in the santhal paganas birsa munda of chota nagpur

What is the condition of santhal silk growers today?

bakwas site

What do santhal tribe eat?

rice is the staplee food of santhals.

What are the causes of the Whiskey Rebellion?

over taxation

What food do santhal tribe eat?

rice is the staplee food of santhals.

What are causes for the whiskey Rebellion?

The whiskey rebellion occurred during 1794 because of a federal tax on distilled spirits.

What were some causes and effects Pontiac's rebellion?

because dick was made