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1. yo moma

2. yo daddy

3. yo grandpa

4. yo grandma

5. yo randomly black pig?

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Q: What were the five major tenets of the enlightenment?
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What are the tenets of enlightenment?

The tenets of enlightenment include self-awareness, seeking truth and knowledge, understanding interconnectedness, compassion and empathy towards others, non-attachment to material possessions, and living in the present moment.

Major tenets of ecocentric ethics?

Every living thing is intrinsically valuable and should be respected

What are tae kwon do's five tenets?

The tenets are Courtesy Integrity Perseverence Self Control & Indomitable Spirit.

What beliefs were not the bases for the bases for the development of enlightenment thought?

Superstition, dogma, and unquestioned authority were not the bases for the development of Enlightenment thought. Instead, reason, empirical evidence, and the questioning of traditional beliefs and institutions were key tenets of Enlightenment thinking.

What importnat documents reflect the influence of Enlightenment ideas?

The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution are two important documents that reflect the influence of Enlightenment ideas. They emphasize principles such as individual liberty, natural rights, and government by consent of the governed, all central tenets of Enlightenment philosophy.

Is jihad one of the five tenets of Islam?

No, it is not one of the five pillars of Islam.Refer to question below for more information on the five pillars of Islam and on Jihad.

How many tenets are there for National Guard and retention?

Five, development, purchasing, advertising, management, and training.

What Enlightenment ideas influenced colonists?

The Enlightenment was a major influence on the political ideas of the colonists who pushed for independence from Great Britain

What was a major concept in Enlightenment thinking?

Logical reasoning was a major concept in Enlightenment thinking.

How did the rulers of Austria and Prussia respond to the Enlightenment?

The rulers of Prussia and Austria responded to the Enlightenment by attacking and invading France. The Enlightenment was the major revolution in human thought.

Give at least five basic tenets of conducting qualitative research and another 5 for quantitative research?

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What was a major belief of Enlightenment?

Leaders should be chosen by the people