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serving as schools in the early years after the Civil War, taking up social welfare functioserving as schools in the early years after the Civil War, taking up social welfare functionsns serving as schools in the early years after the Civil War, taking up social welfare functioserving as schools in the early years after the Civil War, taking up social welfare functionsns

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Q: What were the general functions of the black churches in the 19th century?
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The Black Ship were the Spanish'/Portuguese explorers/adventurers/merchants of the 16th century and was expanded to include all western style sailing ships. In the 16th century machinations of the Spanish and their Catholic missionaries (and the hiring of Japanese mercenaries to conquer the Philippines) led to Japan's closure and banning of contact with foreigners. In 1855 the US squadron, also called Black Ships, was sent to negotiate with Japan, who had been enslaving shipwrecked sailors that washed ashore in Japan. Seeing how far they had fallen behind the world, the strong man Shogun was overthrown by the Emperor, and Japan opened up to the world.

The Black Death hit Europe in the mid 14th century with devastating consequences what was not a result of this plague?

The Black Death, also known as the Bubonic Plague, swept through Europe in the mid-14th century and had devastating consequences, leading to the deaths of an estimated 25 million people. As a result of the plague, the population of Europe was greatly reduced, and the economy and social structure were permanently altered. One thing that was not a result of the plague was the widespread adoption of modern medical practices. Despite the devastation caused by the plague, medical knowledge and practices remained relatively unchanged in the immediate aftermath. It was not until centuries later that significant advances were made in the understanding and treatment of infectious diseases. While the Black Death had many far-reaching and long-lasting consequences, it did not lead to the immediate development of modern medical practices. Instead, it served as a catalyst for changes in social and economic systems that would shape Europe for centuries to come.

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After the abolition (end) of slavery