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I say I say childrens had to work about 1-24 hours a day which was hard work for the childrens and easy for the overlooker and the boss.

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children digged coal

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Q: What were the hours the Victorian children worked in the mines?
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How did lord shaftesbury help Victorian children?

He proposed a law.Lord Shaftesbury proposed that children should work for a max of 10 hours.This bill failed but the government reliased that children needed to be protected. A year later the FACTORY ACT was passed. It was now illegal for kids under 9 to be employed in textile factories Children between 9 and 13 were still allowed to work up to 12 hours a day. The Cole mine act was also introduced This meant women and children were not allowed to work underground . Lord Shaftesbury was also interested in education for poor people. He was Chairman of the RAGGED SCHOOLS UNION a organisation that was set up for poor children

During the industrial revolution who did the work?

During th English industrial revolution, anyone could work, there wee children as young as five working in the factories, however they also went down into the mines, worked as maids and nurses and worked on farms. On the whole, children aged between five and sixteen did a lot of recognizable work during the industrial revolution. In the Russian industrial revolution, Conrad Stalin made the peasants do all the work and give all the grain to the cities, so despite the cities doing the work, the country starved and provided the food.

Womens roles in Europe and latin America from 1750-1914?

Women from Latin America worked in craft, textile and agriculture business while in Europe, they worked in factories and mines. The culture of machismo was prevalent in Latin America but in Europe women's suffrage movement was taking place.

Did women go to work in 1799?

Quite possibly!!! There were no Employment Laws then, limiting the age or genedert for certain employmentys/careers/jobs. In Great Britain, during the Victorian Age, Factories Acts were passed. One of which stopped women and children under the age of 10 years, working in coal mines. During the Nelsoina Age, The Royal Navy, is known to have employed women on boartd. Lord Nelson himself was sent away to sea as a snotty (midshipman), at the age of 11 years. So yes!!!! Women and children were employed in work in 1799.

What jobs do the maasai people do?

The Maasai men can usually work in nearby mines, or they can take care of the crops and animals when home.

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How much did Victorian children that worked in mines payed?


What did poor Victorian children wear when they worked in coal mines?

top and trousers

How many Victorian kids worked in mines in a week?

204 children died

Facts about children in the coal mines?

The Victorian children stay there in the coal mines for hous and hours. They would only have 1 hour of school per week They would have no choice to do what they want

What did Victorian children wear in mines?


How much did Victorian children get paid in the mines?


What did street children do in Victorian times?

Street children in Victorian times often begged for money or food, scavenged for scraps, and may have resorted to stealing to survive. They were often without proper shelter or adult supervision, making them vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Some street children found refuge in charitable organizations or institutions established to provide them with food, shelter, and education.

What jobs did Victorian boys do?

They worked as farmers, in Coal mines, as chimney sweeprs etc...

What was Victorian mines like for children?

They were very bad for children. In the mines, it was dusty and many children there had breathing problems. Up the chimneys, many children either suffocated or fell to their death.

What hours did children work in the coal mines?

Children in coal mines worked long hours, often up to 12 hours per day, six days a week. They were typically required to start work before sunrise and finish after sunset, enduring harsh and dangerous conditions underground.

How long did children have to work in coal mines?

They worked in coal mines and some children didn't servive in the mines because of all the fumes.

What was work like for chimney sweeps?

Victorian Children who were poor worked not only as chimney sweepers many times 16 hours a day, but also in factories, farms, mines, maids, horse dung removers on the streets, went off to sea, and any jobs that required small, little hands and bodies.