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The most important thing to be noted is that significance of symbols is not a thing of past but to be there always and forever.The significance of symbols is to make future generations aware of efforts and pursuits as well hard-goings of their past generation to seek independence from British rule.Be itkhadi movement by Gandhi the cotton wheal as known to world which was a boycott to western goods remember Manchester.As well a successful effort to save the youth from clutches of western influence .
To the present day all Khadi stores all over India have a discount sale from second of OCTOBER to thirty-first of JANAURY.
Festival of Ganpati was started by Lokmanya Tilak to inculcate the feel of indianhood as well an effort to make the present generation realize the richness of our culture and heritage as well grow and identify with it.
The national emblem th, national song , national anthem , the colors of our flag ,the blue spokes wheel in the white color strip of national flag ,all have a great significance.

Chakra was used to promote the use of national products. It was an important symbol popularized by Mahatma Gandhi. Kadhi is also used for the same reason.

The use of black flags to protest against Simon Commission with wordings of "Simon Go Back."

The evolution of Indian flag during the struggle. At first in the Centre Vande Matram was written with different colors like green and red used. Then came chakra as told earlier its importance. It was replaced by present three colors, and a wheel on it symbolizing progress. This is not a complete one but an outline.

Gandhiji's three monkeys, mikazaru, mizaru and mazaru......not to see, hear or speak evil! If you mean to say evil, symbols from the side of British that's just their harsh oppressive rules like it was written in front of public parks or restaurants or libraries "Indians and dogs are not allowed to enter"

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symbols came in2 being wen illiterate people had 2undestand things.

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The impact of symbols were that Indians on the front lines got inspired to fight even harder. The symbols also united Indians as they may them feel as one people.

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The evolution and significance of symbols associated with Indian national movement is the national emblem and national anthem. The chakra was used to promote the use of national products.

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Q: What were the impact of symbols in minds Indians during freedom struggle?
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Need for symbols in general and during freedom struggle?

Need for symbols in genral and during freedom struggle?"

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The secret of the attainment of freedomThe symbols that showed abstract ideas of freedom and unity helped people of India to identify themselves not only as part of a certain community but as a part of the entire nation.

What were the impact of freedom songs in minds Indians during freedom struggle of India?

Freedom songs were an important element in uniting the people of India. Freedom songs also inspired the people to fight for their lands and a better future for their families.

Who was known as the lokhit wadi during the freedom struggle of India?

Gopal Hari Deshmukh was known as the Lokhitwadi during the freedom struggle of India.

What is the significance of symbols during Indian freedom struggle.?

People usually need a rallying point, or representative symbol, to articulate their intended message in simple but eloquent terms.

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stupid dont ask this type of question

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