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Q: What were the results of the mau mau rebellion?
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What African country did the mau mau rebellion occur?

The Mau-Mau rebellion occurred in Kenya

What were the goals of the mau mau?

The Mau Mau rebellion of 1952-1956 aimed at permitting native Africans to gain access to land in the Kenya Highlands which had been given to white settlers. Some elements of the Mau Mau movement were seeking independence for Kenya, then a British colony; much of the Mau Mau movement was for access to land.

What was the secret society of Kikuyu farmers called?

The secret society of Kikuyu farmers was called the Mau Mau. It was a militant nationalist group in Kenya that opposed British colonial rule. The Mau Mau rebellion was a significant part of Kenya's struggle for independence.

What was the movement in Kenya?

One of the major movements in Kenya was the Mau Mau uprising, which was a rebellion against British colonial rule in the 1950s. The movement aimed to secure land and freedom for the Kikuyu people and other ethnic groups fighting against British domination. The Mau Mau rebellion had a significant impact on Kenya's path to independence.

A goal of both the boxer Rebellion in china and the Mau Mau movement in Kenya was to?

gain independence from the caniving European settlers

Was there a rebellion in Kenya?

The Mau Mau were a militant African nationalist movement active in Kenya during the 1950s whose main aim was to remove British rule and European settlers from the country.

What year did the Mau Mau conflict start?

The actual rebellion began in 1952, with roots beginning in the late 19th century and early 20th century, owing to the acquisition of land by the white European settlers under British rule.

When was The Mau-Mau's created?

The Mau-Mau's was created in 1978.

When did Mau Mau Uprising happen?

Mau Mau Uprising happened in 1952.

When did Gallery Mau Mau end?

Gallery Mau Mau ended in 1998.

When was Gallery Mau Mau created?

Gallery Mau Mau was created in 1996.

Is a mau mau clothing?

No, Mau Mau was an African secret terrorist society in Kenya