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etiquette is when a man puts a women first. examples are

opening the door for a women

lady never smokes

putting a women in the inside path instead of the side at the road

when meeting a women take off your hat an bow

the only time you should touch a womens hand is when dancing with her

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Q: What were the rules of etiquette in the 18th century?
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What founding father wrote a book on rules of etiquette or chivalry for the eighteenth century?

George Washington

What is classroom etiquette?

Classroom etiquette are rules that apply to a classroom that a teacher gives.

What is 18th century?

It is in the 1700's if they say in the 18th century.

Who is the English writer of card game rules who set down the laws of whist in the 18th century?

Edmond Hoyle

What is a sentence for etiquette?

The rules of etiquette imply observance of the requirements of good behavior in society

Etiquette refers to the rules that?

Give guidance in all interpersonal interactions , that is the purpose of etiquette.

What are the thirteen universal rules with dealing with etiquette?

Never heard of the Magic 13. Etiquette rules change with the place, people, and reason for the interaction.

Are there books on best hosting practices?

Yes, there are thousands of books that have been written about good hosting practices and etiquette since the early 18th century. You can find these books at Barnes and Noble.

What century comes first 17th or 18th?

The 17th century comes before the 18th.

Where are the etiquette and rules of golf located?


What are etiquette rules used in the workplace called?

§Protocols are the standards of etiquette in your place of employment

What changes come in the 18th-19th century of cricket?

Many rules and regulations changed. The method of playing cricket changed.