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Discusting.In the Victorian times they did the bathroom in a chamberpot then threw it out of the window on the streets it was revolting!

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Q: What were the streets like in victorian times?
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What were safe streets in the Victorian era?

safe streets are like manners or appropriate behavior in public.

What were beaches like in the Victorian times?

what were beaches like in the Victorian times? what did they do

What was the streets like in Victorian timesthestreets of London in 1866?

Theb streets where always busy with market sellers and buyers.

What were the fashions like in the Victorian times?

The Crinoline was the fashion in Victorian Times.

What was it like for street people in Victorian time?

i think the streets were dirty and messy not looked after

How did rich people live in Victorian times?

They lived freely. Not caring for the not as fortunate people who live on the the streets and eat bread and a very little amount of meat.

What kind of Victorian school names are there?

What were the schools like in victorian times

Strange diseases Victorian times?

Strange disease in the Victorian Times were called things like Typhus.

Was there really pooh in the streets in Victorian times?

Yes ! Before the invention of a decent drainage system, human waste was simply thrown into the streets - to let the rain wash it away !

Why did they build a work house in the Victorian times?

To provide work and accommodation for people who would otherwise be causing a nuisance on the streets.

Are there any Victorian roads in London?

Most of the streets in inner London are Victorian or older.

What was farming like in Victorian times?