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Land Labor and Loot

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Q: What were the three L's of power needed by European countries to control the new world?
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Why was it important for Europe's countries to have colonies?

European countries were battling for land, power, resources, etc., which meant they needed colonies.

Why are economic systems needed?

Economic systems are needed to help control the power in the people and the government. Thus for different countries with different powers relates to the different types of economic systems.

One of the basic principles of mercantilism was that countries needed to have wealth in order to have power. What role did slavery play in the mercantile system?

Slave labor enabled European countries to earn huge profits on crops grown in the Americas.

Why is Roosevelt corollary important?

The Roosevelt Corollary was created to allow the United States the power to keep European countries out of South America. It allowed them to use military force if needed.

What were the reasons countries were battling to maintain power before ww1?

becuse they needed to control every one and wen the time comes everyone shall stand with them

Why did European countries find necessary it to have colonies?

to expand there weath and power

What is needed for. Steering control on a pwc?

the power to the jet drive is required to maintain steering control on a PWC

Why there so many dictators in the 1930s?

There were many dictators during the 1930s because many countries didnt have much power at the time so they needed someone to take control and gain power for their country.

Why was colonization important to European countries?

Colonization supported increased economic and political power of the colonizing countries. this was important as the European countries were competing intensely with each other.

What nation was the last European power to control Nigeria?

The United Kingdom.

Did a European power ever control Rwanda?

pen-is vag-ina

What European countries have the most military power?

Russia, France and United Kingdom.