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Battle of Copenhagen

Battle of Trafalgar

Battle of the Nile

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Q: What were the three victories of admiral nelson?
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What did Horatio Nelson discover?

I am unaware of any discovers. He was a British Admiral who won victories at the Battle of the Nile, Copenhagen, and Trafalgar, being killed in action at Trafalgar.

When was Horatio Nelson Lay - admiral - born?

Horatio Admiral Nelson was born on 1816-10-22.

What british admiral defeated the French navy twice?

Admiral Horticho Nelson

What English admiral was the hero of trafalgar?

Horatio Nelson: Admiral Viscount Lord Nelson.

Which hero's body was preserved in a barrel of brandy for three months?

The English admiral Nelson

When did Horatio Nelson Lay - admiral - die?

Horatio Nelson Lay - admiral - died in 1988.

When was Admiral Lord Nelson School created?

Admiral Lord Nelson School was created in 1995.

When did Horatio Admiral Nelson die?

Horatio Admiral Nelson died on 1882-12-24.

What was Lord Admiral Nelson's first name?

His full title was Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson. First Viscount Nelson, KB

Which famous figure stands on the top of the column in Trafalgar Square?

Admiral Lord Nelson is the name of the statue in Trafalgar Square.

Who was the famous one eyed british admiral?

nelson nelson

What is the name of Admiral nelson voyage to the bottom of the sea?

Harriman Nelson