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It sounds like you're referring to irrigation, where water is diverted by ditches and canals to make land more suitable for planting crops. Irrigation ditches can divert water from free-flowing rivers and streams or from reservoirs created by dams.

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Q: What word means building dams and ditches to water crops?
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Explane why the first civilizations all developed in river valleys?

Because, Animals go down there to drink, which is a source of food. You need water to live. Also good soil and trees, use the trees for your fire and homes, use soil to grow crops and spring flooding makes the water good for crops.

Why are modern farming techniques and a reduction of biodiversity a problem?

* They make crops more vulnerable to disease in the long run. * Toxins in pesticides get into the world's soil and water supply. * Chemical fertilizers and pesticides create a race against nature that mankind is likely to lose.

What was the reason civilizations began along river valley?

Most ancient civilizations needed the fertile land, food sources (water-based fowl, fish, etc.), and trading opportunities found near rivers to support their community. Over time, commerce and population would grow, and with it would develop a full-fledged civilization. They could then use their clever location to defend themselves from attackers, to reach other main hubs of civilization to trade, and to establish a navy. hi guys

What is the most significant contribution of the river valley civilizations to the world?

they were the first civilizations established in th fertile crescent between the tigris and euphrates rivers and are believed to be the oldest civilizations discovered

How do you think monsoons affected settlement in India?

Monsoons bring much needed rain that farmers require for their crops in a hot climate. When monsoon come either too early or late in a season, this can affect the agriculture of India. Although providing water is a benefit of monsoons, they also can be detrimental when severe monsoons do massive damage to land and cause death.

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What are Irrigation Ditches?

ditches filled with water so when crops needed to be watered, it can be easily dispersed. or it can catch water unneeded when it rained

Which word describes using canals and ditches to water crops?


What is the term that describes the process of digging ditches to get water to crops?

That is irrigation.

How did the pueblo grow crops where there is so little rain?

they dug ditches to bring the river water to their crops

What was it called to use walls waterways and ditches to bring water to crops?

This irrigation method is called canal irrigation. It involves using canals, ditches, and walls to divert and distribute water to crops for agricultural purposes.

What do irrigation ditches in Egypt bring?

The Egyptian irrigation ditches brought water from the River Nile to water food crops growing along the Nile Valley.

How did the anasazi water their crop?

They became successful farmers by digging ditches near streams and the stream's water flowed into the ditches making water for crops.

What word describes using canals and ditches To water crops?

The word is irrigation.

Buildings dams channels walls and ditches to bring water to crops?

Mesopotamians used irrigation to water their crops.

How did ancient Sumerians ensure that water would reach their crops?

They established canals and ditches.

How did early farmers use ditches to water crops?

By trapping water in dams and weirs, and leading irrigation channels through the fields.

What is the definition of canal?

Canal irrigation:Canal irrigation is a way to water crops by digging channels, which draw their water supplies from rivers. These artificial waterways divert the river water into multiple ditches that provide irrigation to the crops.