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Obviously war with Taiwan itself, but then also with countries which would seek to defend Taiwan. The US Government has indicated it would do this.

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Q: What would happen if China invaded Taiwan?
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Did China invade Asia?

yes they didANSWER 2china invaded Tibet and Tibet is still an occupied country subject to some severe and often brutal attempts at control - china is one of the last of the "old school" communist dictatorships but is trying to enter the modern world - but that "old school" mentality is concerned with saving face and such and solving the Tibet problem is probably one of public image - with the end of the cold war china really doesnt need Tibet as it once did (for border security) but its hard for them to back out due to the stubborness of its leaders also if not for the protection of the USA Taiwan would be invaded instantly by mainland china - and don't forget the Korean war - the Chinese had a big part in that and they almost wonchina has a long history of invasion, including the Philippines, okinawa, and japan - some of those invasions ended in disaster for china

What is the most conquered country in the world?

France France ? Ridiculous, France hasn't been conquered more than the average major European nation. In fact, for most of its history it was the one doing the conquering. Far better candidates would be Flanders, a region of Europe which has been invaded by pretty much all the countries in Europe at least once, or maybe Vietnam, invaded by China, France, the US and many of its neighbors.

What would happen if the world was destroyed and disipeared?

we would die

What were the effects of the Chinese civil war?

First of all, the Fall of the Zhou dynasty made the Chinese government weak because of the outbreak of the civil war. as you should already know, nobles began calling themselves kings of their land gained by the king/ruler. The weaken of the Chinese government forced Chinese people to stop fighting.

What would happen if there were no slaves in the world?

There would be no slaves in the world..dugh

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If the Japanese had no invaded China what can you infer from the map would have been the Communists' ultimate fate in a final confrontation with the nationalists why?

If the Japanese had not invaded China, the would have been no effect on the map of China.

How many times can Taiwan fit in china?

Taiwan is around 0.0004 times the size of China. It would take approximately 2582 Taiwans to cover the land area of China.

If you were traveling the shortest distance from china to Taiwan what body of water would you cross?

Taiwan Strait

How did the Treaty of Shimonoseki change Taiwan?

They made it so china would have to give taiwan to japan

Why did china refuse to accept Taiwan as an independent nation?

If Taiwan were to take the gamble and cross that line, the argument goes, it will have moved closer to "de jure independence," or legal separation from the mainland, and Beijing would have little choice but to engage it militarily. And yet, Taiwan has repeatedly "declared" its independence ever since the island's process of democratization began at the end of the last century.

What would happen if the British hadn't built an empire?

we would be invaded

Was Taiwan returned to Chinese control?

By Taiwan I'm sure your are referring to the Republic of China (ROC). The ROC would say they are "The Chinese." But, by Chinese control I assume mean the People's Republic of China (PRC) or "Communist China." No, the ROC has not reunited with the PRC. Said another way, Taiwan/Formosa has not reunited with mainland China.

What was the previous name of Taiwan?

When the Portuguese first saw Taiwan, they called it "Formosa". wich means " beautiful island" that's the first name that Taiwan has. Then the aborigines called it "dayuen" which became " Taiwan"

Why is Taiwan not recognized by the US government?

Taiwan broke away from China. If the US recognizes Taiwan, then that would get China upset with the US. China owns the United States. Better not bite the hand that feeds you. Insert mode Insert mode

What large island near China does China claim as thiers?

The largest island with a disputed claim by The People's Republic of China, would be the island of Taiwan.

Why is Taiwan so important for Beijing?

Taiwan is important to Beijing because it considers the island part of its territory, despite Taiwan self-governing since 1949. Beijing seeks to reunify with Taiwan to fulfill its goal of national unification. Taiwan's strategic location, as well as its economic, political, and military significance, further underline its importance to Beijing's regional and global ambitions.

Which country is more like Japan China or South Korea?

Neither! The correct answer would be: Taiwan!! :)