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Because of their parliament. Britain let them have their own parliament and the Canadians set it up so they could survive on their own. This was their plan, to break away from Great Britain after World War 2, while the British were weak. Therefore the British wouldn't fight to get it back. Also, the Americans would have aided Canada in a fight against Britain anyways, because many Americans want Canada to be part of the U.S. Save


Canada gained independence but retained ties with Britain. There was no plan, or need to fight for independence (despite what the above person seems to think). In 1867, the Dominion of Canada was formed, so Canada was independent long before WW2.

Canada was became a country (no longer a colony) with the passing if the BNA in 1867. It was an Act of British Parliament that granted independence. To this day Canada is still a member of the Commonwealth and the Queen of England is also the Queen of Canada (although the role is strictly ceremonial).

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Canada never broke away from Great Britiain. It became the Dominion of Canada (became a country) in 1867 and was still part of the British Empire. It repatriated its constitution in 1982 but retained the British royal family as head of state.

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Q: What year did Canada break away from Britain?
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