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same time as England

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O_o rararetards

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Q: What year did France become a democracy?
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How did France become a democracy?

Democracy is the system to get and set free in term of violence.Nepal too is now free from the personal imposition of king so now nepalese can live the live of prosperity ,free of inforcement ,bloodshed nature nd more over the system of bribery since it get nepal is a democratic country.

Which country do you think had a stronger democracy at the end of the nineteenth century France or England why?

Although the obvious answer is Great Britain, I would actually say France - the reason being that (especially in England) the class system effectively hamstrung any real democracy that was taking place.

What is the background of France?

France has a rich history and has been inhabited for roughly 1.8 million years. It is a democracy of about 67 million people, and has had a huge impact on the world's politics, art, culture, and philosophy.

How might Europe's history have been different if England had won the Hundred Years' War?

become simultaneously kings of England and France

How did democracy cause World War Two?

I don't really think that democracy caused WWII. There were many other factors which contributed much more (if democracy did indeed cause it!) these were; An aggressive Germany under Hitler appeasement (namely by France and Britain) failure to recognize a true threat bitterness of Germans at their treatment at Versailles failure of the league of nations and so on.... i think to ask how democracy caused WWII is very vague as democracy did not cause WW2 at all!

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What year did France become independent?

In what year did Madagascar become fully independent from France?

What year did Canada become a democracy?

in 1757 is the year cananada became a democracy hope it helps :)

In France is the current government democratically elected?

Yes it is, France is a democracy.

When was Liberal Democracy - France - created?

Liberal Democracy - France - was created in 1998.

Does France have free rights?

France is a democracy.

Who was the democracy of France?

Democracy is not a person, it is a system of government.

In what year did Napoleon become the Emperor of France?

In 1804.

What type of democracy did New France have?

It did not have a democracy. It had a feudal system.

Can France choose their government?

Yes. France is a democracy.

Does France have a pluralist or majoratarian democracy?

France has a pluralist democracy system. This is whereby there is competition for all who are interested in leadership.

When did democracy in begin?

When did Nepal become a democracy

Did France invent democracy?

No. France is a long-standing democracy, but long before the French revolution, the Greeks had used democratic forms of government. The word democracy itself is Greek.