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What year did Tibetan's rise up against the might of their invader and declared their desire for freedom and independence for the whole of Tibet?

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Q: What year did Tibetan's rise up against the might of their invaders and declared their desire for freedom and independence for the whole of Tibet?
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Mahatma Gandhi lead the Indian people to their Independence, even though he was assassinated before India's independence against the BritishJawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister, he had worked for many years with Mahatma Gandhi and others for independence.^^ -TAL

Why was the revolt of 1857 called the first war of independence?

It is called the First war of Independence because this war started the movement in India to gain independence. Although it was not successful but the Indians came to know that they have to unify themselves and sacrifice many lives in order to defeat the British. It is so called because after this war many movements and revolutions were started against the British. This revolt thus accelerated the Independence process.

What happens when a colony revolts against its mother country?

There are two possible outcomes to a revolt by a colony against a colonizing country. Either the revolt is suppressed and the colony continues to be a colony, or the revolt succeeds and the colony gains its independence.

What did the English do against William?

William of Normandy invaded England in 1066. Known as the Battle of Hastings by the Normans, it was referred to by the English as the Battle of Senlac. King Harold had just defeated an attack from Herald Hardratta of Denmark. King Harold's brother, Tostig had fought on the side of the enemy against England, hoping to rule in his brother's place. The invaders were defeated & King Harold then took his troops south to Hastings to meet the attack of William. At first, the battle went against The Norman invaders. However, after 3 days of hard fighting, King Harold was killed & William won the Battle.Like any enemy, William was feared and dnot welcome on English soil. Despite this, he was a fair and capable ruler who employed justice for the people of England.

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What document officially declared war against Great Britain?

the declaration of independence

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When the colonies declared independence, it meant England would no longer benefit from our taxes, land, manpower or natural resources.

What is the Delceration of Independence?

The Declaration of Independence is the document that was approved by representatives of the American colonies in 1776 that stated their grievances against the British monarch and declared their independence.

Why did the colonists take up arms against the English government?

The colonists declared independence from Britain due to unfair taxes and tyranny. They declared there independence on July 4th ,1776.

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In March 26, Independence of Bangladesh was formally declared on the eve of a 9 month long war of Independence against Pakistan in the year 1971.

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If you are asking about the revolution it happened in 1776 when the colonies declared independence from the English king.

What document was sent by the American colonists to King George that listed the grievances they held against his leadership and said that they now considered themselves an independent country?

The document the Colonists sent to King George was the Declaration of Independence. It stated the concerns, and grievances against the king and declared the wish for independence from Britain.

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The colonists fought the British because they declared their independence and the British promptly sent an army to put down the rebellion.

What did Americans face after declared independence?

Americans faced a devastating war against perhaps the most powerful nation on earth. They found the world's largest navy and best-trained army poised against them.

Who protected the Qin dynasty against invaders?


Why does the region of Tibet have so much conflict?

The original answer was completely incorrect: There is conflict between the Han Chinese and Tibetans, who are still loyal to the Dalia Lama. Many Tibetans rebel against their new Han rulers - the CCP - this leads to conflict.