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the women where allowed into the RCMP in May 23 1974

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Q: What year did the first women get into the RCMP?
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What is the salary of a RCMP Sgt?

90,000 a year

How many RCMP die each year?

On average, around 10 RCMP officers die each year while on duty. This number can vary year to year with the nature of the incidents and circumstances surrounding each officer's death.

Who is the leader of the RCMP?

William Elliot is the Commissioner of the RCMP. He is also the first non sworn police officer to become the Commissioner of the Force.

Who was the first country to have rcmp's?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are in Canada

What are the wages for the RCMP?

well i was reading up on wages and there is aprox. 8765 hours in a year, and the beginning wage for a rcmp 44513 dollars Canadian in the first 36months after that you become a constable plus, witch earns a tottal of 72125 dis-encluding overtime and higher staff etc. rankings

What year was the first women in space?

Velentina Tereshkova was the first women in space in 1963.

Is the RCMP a company?

The RCMP is Canada's National Police Force.

Are the rcmp trained in sasketchewan?

Yes, the RCMP are trained in Regina, Saskatchewan

Who much money does a RCMP inspector Rank Make?

An RCMP Inspector rank is the first rank of the commissioned officers. Base pay is approximately $117,000 and there is also an additional performance bonus and risk pay. RCMP officers also have one of the best benefits and pension package in Canada.

Who produces RCMP figurines in Midland Ontario?

First Choice Collectables manufactured rcmp figurines. their current address is in Mississauga. Like these? hope this helps.

Does the RCMP have its own police academy?

Yes, the RCMP Academy is in Regina SK.

When was RCMP Heritage Centre created?

RCMP Heritage Centre was created in 2007.