What year were Pharaohs around?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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They began ruling from 2649 BC and they ended in 362 BC before the Greek/Romans came.

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Between approximately 5000 BC and the 1st century BC.

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Q: What year were Pharaohs around?
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In what year the pharaohs die?

The pharaohs died in 1336

Are pharaohs still around?

No, Pharoahs are not around

What are the dates the pharaohs lived?

Pharaohs ruled over Egypt from around 3,000 BC until 30 BC.

How long has the pharaohs bin around for?

they have bin around since Egypt was here !

What year did the Egyptians rulers title Pharaohs?

2650 bc

What was the duties of the pharaohs?

The job of the Pharaohs was to boss people around and make sure Egypt was safe and fit for adventure ...some Pharaohs became overwhelm with ruling and many became greedy.

What kind of clothes did pharaohs were?

the pharaohs usually wore white linen that wrapped around the waist and is pleated. they also wore a false beard.

What are 3 things the pharaohs did?

eat guard their village and walk around

What is mummies of pharaohs as a possessive noun?

"Mummies of pharaohs" as a possessive noun could be "the pharaohs' mummies." This indicates that the mummies belong to the pharaohs.

What was going on around the world during 3100 - 31 BC?

pharaohs of ancient egypt.

How did pharaohs interact with neighbors?

how did pharaohs interact with neighbors

How do you write mummies of Pharaohs using a possessive noun?

You can write "mummies of the Pharaohs" to indicate that the mummies belong to the Pharaohs.