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pictures of his ancestors

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Q: When a person died in ancient china they put two small bags in the coffin that contained what?
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Who is an important person in Ancient China?

An emperor was a very important person in China.

What factors determined a person's status in ancient China?

i hav no idea

What is the ancient name of China?

Ancient China.

What are some similarities in the environment between ancient Greece and ancient China?

Both had their settlement based on river valleys and seashores.

What begins with A in Ancient China besides the name?

Ancient in ancient china

What do ancient China have in common with ancient Rome?

What do ancient china have in common with ancient roman

Who was the first person to put their ideas into practice throughout China?

Legalist were the first to put there ideas into practice throughout ancient china

Did ancient India get ideas from ancient china?

Ancient India got some ideas from ancient China.

Who designed clothes in Ancient China?

why was ancient china built

Did ancient China have writing?

Yes, Ancient China did have writing.

How was the farmers daily life in ancient china?

there were too poor and then can't get married with a rich person

Where can one learn more about the customs of ancient China?

Someone can learn more about the customs of ancient China on websites and blogs of people from the Chinese culture or people who have visited China themselves, or visiting China in person and hiring a tour guide to learn about it is one of the best ways to learn.