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alauddin alam shah surrenderd before

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Q: When alauddin Alan shah srrenderd?
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When did Alauddin Husain Shah die?

Alauddin Husain Shah died in 1519.

When did Alauddin Riayat Shah II of Johor die?

Alauddin Riayat Shah II of Johor died in 1564.

When Alauddin Alam Shah surrendered?

Alauddin Alam Shah was 4th king of Sayyid Dynasty. Died in 1451.

Why did Alauddin Khalji introduce the market control policy?

Firoz Shah describes that Alauddin had made such a policy because he had to maintain a large army due to the threat of Mongols, to increase the royal grandeur, to achieve the economic stability and to get rid of social injustice.

When was Alauddin Babu born?

Alauddin Babu was born in 1991.

When was Gogi Alauddin born?

Gogi Alauddin was born in 1950.

During the rule of which Sultan did Ibn Batutah visit India?

i) Alauddin Khilji ii) Feroze shah tughllaq iii) Mumhannd bintughllaq iv) Sikndar Lodi There are forur option I have correct of this answer

When was Alauddin Masood born?

Alauddin Masood was born on 1939-01-01.

When was Alauddin Al-Azad born?

Alauddin Al-Azad was born in 1932.

When did Alauddin Al-Azad die?

Alauddin Al-Azad died in 2009.

What has the author Alauddin Al Azad written?

Alauddin Al Azad has written: 'Jalahasty'

What has the author Alauddin-al Azad written?

Alauddin-al Azad has written: 'Swagatam bhalobasa'