When did Austria invade France?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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That answer is rubbish! Austria was part of Germany until 1866. Germany untied with Austria as allies in World War One, and in World War Two, Hitler formed an 'Anschluss', or pact, giving over power of Austria to him, so technically Austria was never invaded by Germany, because they allied with Germany.

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For the last Austrian invasion of France you need to go back to 1814 in the Napoleonic Wars.

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Q: When did Austria invade France?
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Where did the Germans invade to start world war 1?

The question as posed does not really make sense. It was the Russian defense of Serbia against Austria-Hungary's invasion that started World War 1. The German declaration of war against Russia then triggered the alliance of the Triple Entente, expanding the reach of the conflict. Once the Triple Entente was involved, the Germans wanted to invade France. But in order to do so and outflank the French forces on the German/French border, they had to invade the north of France, going first through Belgium. So Belgium was the first country to be invaded.

Why did Robespierre not want to go to war with Austria?

Austria was militarily far better organized than France was at the time. Robespierre fully expected France to be defeated by the Austrians should war commence.

Did Charlemagne conquer England?

No, but he conquered France, Germany, and Switzerland, Austria, and Belgium.

Who did Great Britain invade in World War 1?

Countries invaded during World War 1 include: Serbia (by Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria) Luxembourg (by Germany) Belgium (by Germany) France (by Germany) Albania (by several countries including Austria and Italy) Romania (by Bulgaria, Germany, Austria) Turkey/Ottoman Empire (by UK and France) German Empire (by Russia) Austria-Hungary (by Russia and Italy) South Africa (by Germany) West Africa (by UK and France) Russia (by Ottoman Empire) Greece (by Bulgaria) Poland (by Germany and Austria) Lithuania (by Germany) Ukraine (by Germany) Italy (by Austria-Hungary) Estonia (by Germany) Latvia (by Germany)

WHAT country did Germany invade prompting Britain and France to declare was and starting World War 2?


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What was the vow of the kings of Austria and Prussia to invade France?

Austria and Prussia wanted France to restore Louis to the throne. The Declaration of Pillnitz was issued and the French Legislative Assembly responded by declaring war on them in 1792.

What cause Prussia to invade France?

Prussia invaded France in response to France declaring war on Austria. This invasion created a strong army, which conquered most of Europe.

Which country did Hitler invade on March 12 1938 with no resistance?


Did Austria Hungary invade Bulgaria?


What route did Germany invade France in ww1?

They went through Belgium to invade France.

What year and day did Germany invade France?

What year and day did Germany invade France?

Where else did Hitler invade besides Germany?

Hitler also invaded Poland along with many other countries! Hitler didn't invade Germany. The Nazis invaded Poland, France, and the USSR. This is after they annexed Austria and the Sudetenland of then Czechoslovakia.

What was an argument made by the Soviet Union concerning Allied strategy in the war?

The Western Allies should invade France.

What countries did Napoleon Bonaparte invade?

France, Spain, the boot of Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, western Germany and eastern Poland.

Where did Germany invade?

Germany invaded France and Poland also it invaded Austria. World War 2 started because Germany said to England they wouldn't invade Poland but they did - so Poland is the easiest country to remember that was invaded!

What 4 countries border Italy?

France, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Austria.

Where did the western allies invade to liberate France?

Well i dont think they did invade france but the Axis powers did.