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I think you're referring to Confederation, which was Canada's first formal constitution and forged the original 4 provinces. If so, it came into effect July 1, 1867:

It's possible you might also be referring to 1982, when Canada officially severed all ties from Britain and introduced the Bill of Rights to the constitution:

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July 1, 1867

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Q: When did Canada approve a new constitution for a federal system of government?
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What are the four levels of Canada government?

Government in Canada is organized into four levels: federal, provincial l, regional and local. Each level is charged with various responsibilities by either the Constitution or a higher level of government

Canada s government is a?

Canada government is a federal democratic. This is in French.

Why are provinces important in Canada?

Like Australia, the USA and several other countries, Canada was formed with a federal form of government. Provinces are a fundamental part of Canada. Seven of the ten provinces had been in existence before Canada was created. Governmental responsibility is divided between the federal government and the provincial governments. The federal government has certain governing powers and the provincial governments have other governing powers. Most of these can be found in sections 91 and 92 of the Constitution Act.

Territorial government of Canada?

There is no territorial government of Canada. Since Canada is a federation there is a federal government. Canada's provinces are part of the federation and its territories are neither separate provincial entities nor fully federal but are quasi-federal. The three territories of Canada are: Northwest Territories; Yukon; and Nunavut.

What does the federal government of Canada have more control over?


What is canada's government type?

Canada is a federal parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy.

Describe Canada's federal government system?


What are thr three types of government in Canada?

federal government provincial government

What are the 3 levels of government in Canada?

Federal Government, Provincial Government, Local Government

What is the government of all of Canada called?


How many riding are there in the federal government of Canada?


What are the characteristics of Canada's government system?

The characteristics of Canada`s System of Government are Democratic, Representative and Federal.