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when the guy with a trillion watches decided he wanted to sell more watches

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Q: When did advertising of watches start?
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One day all watches will be made this way?

Seiko Watches used this as an advertising slogan

Are there any jewelry websites that sell tag Heuer watches at a bargain price?

Yes, there are websites that sell Tag Heuer watches at discount prices. A couple of useful websites advertising Tag Heuer watches are and

How much are Lacoste watches?

The prices of Lacoste watches vary. Some start at around $100 and the higher end watches are in the $350 range.

What has the author Seth W Fuller written?

Seth W. Fuller has written: 'Electric annunciators' -- subject(s): Clocks and watches, Electric, Advertising cards, Bells, Electric Clocks and watches

What brand of watches start with a b?

Bulova and Breitling.

Where should I look for info on Luminor watches?

I would start with It is the watch maker's website which has a ton of information about all of their watches, including the Luminor collection of watches.

Are there any sites where I can get a tag Heuer link watch at a discount?

There are several websites advertising discount Tag Heuer link watches. Try Alternatively try which often has sales with large discounts on watches.

What company says it takes a licking and keeps on ticking?

a clock being licked by a dog.Another answerAn ever ready battery, it's that commercial with the pink bunny rabbit.Timex watches.

Are there any gold plated watches for a good price?

yes, you can find gold plated watches that start at 200 dollars.

When did Bulova start making watches?

Bulova has been making watches and clocks since it was established by Joseph Bulova in 1875

How do you start a speech about false advertising?

With words

What year did advertising start?

it started in the 1930s