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Chooks (the Austalian term for chickens) arrived with the First Fleet on 26 January 1788. The related link below lists 87 chickens as arriving on the First Fleet.

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Q: When did chooks arrive in Australia?
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In what year did the first greek people come out to Australia?

Oral tradition states that the first Greek in Australia was a convict named Damianos Gikas who arrived in 1802, but there are no written records to confirm this. The first Greeks actually documented to arrive in Australia were a group of 7 men from Hydra who were convicted of being pirates: they arrived in Australia in 1828.

When and how did the first Australians arrive in Australia?

The Aborigines came to Australia during the ice age, as the sea levels were much lower, and most of the water between Australia and Africa was frozen they simply walked across from Africa. They used makeshift boats for the small area's of water they had to cross.

Why did Elizabeth MacArthur come to Australia?

Elizabeth Macarthur came by ship to Australai. She was on one of the ships in the 2nd fleet.She came with her husband to help along with the affairs of her husband, John Elizabeth Macarthur came to Australia in 1789 as part of the second fleet, she was not on the first fleet. She did arrive with her husband and they estabished a farm at Parramatta.

Who were the first white people to arrive in Australia?

The indigenous people of Australia, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, were the first to inhabit Australia. Whilst it is unknown when they first arrived, estimates vary between 6,000 and 40,000 years.

How can personal biases and points of view influence historians when they are studying evidence?

Answer this question… They can lead historians to arrive at very different interpretations of an event.

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What country brought chickens to Australia?

it was the English who brought chickens (or 'chooks' as they are called in Australia) to Australia. The first chooks arrived on the First Fleet, along with a variety of other poultry.

How many chickens are there in Australia?

It is not known how many chooks (as chickens are more commonly called in Austalia) there are in the country. Poultry is a huge industry in Australia, and many, many people have a few chooks in the backyard to avoid having to buy eggs. It is impossible to know how many people keep chooks.

In what year did Aborignies arrive in Australia?

They did not arrive in Australia they were born here.

What are flightness birds?

Birds that cannot fly. Emus (Australia) Kiwi (New Zealand) Chooks (poultry)(everywhere)

List the type of poultry most commonly used in Australia?

Chickens - more commonly nicknamed "chooks" in Australia - are the most common form of poultry in the country.

If you leave LA Thursday what day do you arrive in Australia?

if you leave on a Thursday you arrive in Australia on a Friday

What is the duration of Chop Socky Chooks?

The duration of Chop Socky Chooks is 1320.0 seconds.

When was Chop Socky Chooks created?

Chop Socky Chooks was created on 2008-03-07.

Where do kangaroo apples grow?

Kangaroo Apples grow in many parts of Australia. We have large numbers of them in Victoria and they provide excellent shade and fodder for chooks.

When did sugarcane arrive in Australia?


When did Italians first arrive in Australia?

The first Italian to arrive and settle in Australia was convict Giuseppe Tuzo, who arrived with the First Fleet in 1788.

Does chicken come from Australia?

In a way, yes. Four different chicken breeds originate from Australia.AustralorpAustralian LangshanAustralian GameAustralian Pit Game