When did humans invent farming?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Contrary to what we have all been taught, humans did not invent anything. We are not that smart. . . That is like saying a baby can raise itself. . . We only know what we are taught. . . -caponethedone-

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Q: When did humans invent farming?
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What did sumerians invent for farming?

terrace farming

Why did farmers invent the plow?

to make farming easier

What tools did the sumerians invent?

They invented hand tools for farming

What tools did Sumerians invent?

They invented hand tools for farming

Why did humans need to invent tools?

Humans really do not need a lot of things to invent a tool. All a human needs are there minds.

Who is the one who invent human?

God 'invented' humans,

Where do humans get their food from?

Human food in today's era is produced from farming. Whether it be crop farming, sea farming or cattle farming. The food is usually packaged and sold in shops such as grocers and supermarkets. In the previous eras and in some countries, humans get food by hunting it.

What did Jo Anderson invent?

Jo Anderson helped to invent the reaper. This was a mechanical farming equipment that planted larger fields, which lessen the work of farm labors.

What should you invent to make farming easier?

a robotic device that you dont have to control so that it is automatic

How did early humans discover farming?

I Am Asking I Need The Answer!

Where was farming and the wheel invented?

The wheel was made by the Sumerians in Mesopotamia. Early humans discovered agriculture (farming)

Who made up language?

Humans were the first to invent language!