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In December of 1941, the US was in World War Two based on the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and Hitler's declaration of war against the US. On a defacto basis, the Soviet Union joined the Second World War when in conjunction with Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union Union violated the border with Poland and occupied the western half of Poland. The Soviets at the same time were conducting a war with Finland. Stalin was forced to be an "ally" with the US and Great Britain when Hitler attacked the USSR earlier in 1941.

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Q: When did the us and russia join ww2?
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Could us army have beaten the red army in ww2?

The U.S. and russia would have been at a stalemate because Russia's army is bigger but poorly equiped and we had a huge air force compared to them. Also if we did fight, Germany would have helped us as well as many other countries such as Britain and France.

Have we ever been friends with Russia?

"We" as in the US were friendly with "Russia" (as opposed to the Soviet Union) and provided military assistance during the Russian civil war, November 1917 to October 1922. Let it be noted that while the state of Russia was part of the USSR, and the US and Soviets were allies during WW2, they were not friends, as those who became the USSR were the opposition during the previously mentioned Russian civil war, and "Russia" was not technically the nation but part of the larger Soviet Union.

Who was the common enemy of the US and USSR?

Germany was in WW2

Who won ww1 allied power axis power or central power?

The Allies defeat the Central Powers. Axis refers to much the same, at least as far as Germany goes in WW2. Britain, France, Russia & later the US fight against Germany, that is common to both world wars.

Why did the us and USSR want allies around the world?

Because as an ally you don't have to worry about them attacking you. For example in WW2 the US was obviously very worried about Russia which was an Axis power until Hitler attacked them even though he had an agreement at the time with Stalin. he just made them an ally until he felt ready to take them on. It became his Waterloo or the War on 2 fronts which squeezed him like an orange,.

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Why did US not join World War 2?

The u.s did join WW2

Why did Stalin join forces with the allies in ww2?

He had Hitler invading Russia and needed help.

What happened on December eighth?

US join WW2

December 8 1941?

US join WW2

Why wasent the US and Russia angry at Switzerland during ww2?

Russia had no reasons, Switzerland was neutral.

Why Russia feared US before world war 2?

Russia fears usa in ww2

What is the yalta pact?

WW2 meeting between US, England, and Russia.

What war did the us go in to fight the Japanese?

Russia had the Great Patriotic War (WW2); America had the Pacific War (WW2).

Why did the US join WW2 after the pearl harbor attack?

Because it was a US territory-hence a direct attack on the US. How else could we respond.

Did the us join the league of nations after World War 1 or ww2?

WW1. After WW2, the UN was created and anyone who was part of the League of nations joined the UN.

Who was the United states main enemy after World War 2?

Russia was the US's main enemy after WW2

How the us get involved in World War 2?

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and that's when the US declared that they would join WW2.