When did zheng discover?

Updated: 8/20/2023
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he explore because he want to@@@@

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when did zheng he discover

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Q: When did zheng discover?
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How did Zheng He become famous?

why did zheng he want to discover the places that he didwhy did zheng he want to discover the places that he did

Did zheng he discover America?


What did Zheng He Discover?

Zheng He discovered America 70 years before Columbus did.

Who was the second person to discover Australia?

zheng he

When was Zheng Zheng born?

Zheng Zheng was born on 1989-07-11.

When did Zheng He discover the US?

He never did, instead he and his fleets went down to southeast Asia. it was Columbus who discovered America which ironically wasn't his original intention

What has the author Yijun Zheng written?

Yijun Zheng has written: 'Zheng He quan zhuan'

What is the birth name of Xiaoqiu Zheng?

Xiaoqiu Zheng's birth name is Hongbin Zheng.

What is the birth name of Zhengqiu Zheng?

Zhengqiu Zheng's birth name is Fangze Zheng.

Is Matthew Zheng smart?

Yes, Matthew Zheng is very smart. Whoever Matthew Zheng is.

What has the author Shanxi Zheng written?

Shanxi Zheng has written: 'Zheng Shanxi hua ji ='

Ma he-Is it cheng ho or zheng he?

IS Zheng He His birth name was Ma He, but the Chinese emperor changed it to Zheng He.