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destroyed the inca empire

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Q: When the Spanish explorers discovered the vast wealth of the Incas they .?
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What did the Spanish explorers do when they found out about the wealth of the Incas?

When the Spanish explorers discovered the wealth of the Incas, they embarked on a campaign of conquest and plunder. Led by Francisco Pizarro, they defeated the Inca Empire, captured their leader Atahualpa, and looted vast amounts of gold, silver, and other valuable treasures. The conquest of the Incas played a significant role in enriching the Spanish empire and establishing their dominance in the region.

Who were the western explorers who had early contact with the incas?

Europeans & Spanish explorers.

Did spain conquer the incas and the aztecs for their gold?

Mainly for wealth, but also for power and land. When the Spanish explorers in the New World discovered that the two main advanced American Native civilizations, the Incas and the Aztecs, coveted gold and silver as did European nations, Spanish conquistadors did their best to steal and mine for these precious metals. The Aztecs were conquered and the same thing for the Incas. Spain also established colonies to add more territory under their control as they sought to be the major power in Europe and the New World.

Why was the Inca Empire weakened when Spanish explorers reached them?

The Incas were weaked by the Civil War before the Spanish came.

What areas of the world were include in the spanish's empire?

parts of Africa, south America. the spanish explorers conquered the Aztecs and the incas

What precious metals did the Incas and the Spanish explorers share in value?

They both valued gold and silver immensely.

Where did the Incas exist?

The Incas were an Amerindian nation centered in what is now Peru in South America. They lost their independence when Spanish explorers arrived in the 16th century.

What did the Conquistadores do?

They took over the American natives (Incas, Aztecs) and took the wealth for themselves and Spain.

What group of people ruled an empire in Peru before the arrival of Spanish explorers?

The group of people that ruled an empire in Peru directly before the arrival of Spanish explorers were the Incas. The Incan empire lasted from 1438 to 1533 with the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors.

When were the Inca discovered?

Europeans discovered the Incas in about 1532. Specifically, Spanish Conquistadores under Francisco Pizarro. The Inca civilization collapsed not long afterwards.

When did spanish defeat the last of the incas?

The spanish defeat the Incas in 1528.

When did the spanish defeat the last of the incas?

The spanish defeat the Incas in 1528.