When was Greenland discovered?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Greenland was discovered in 982 1000AD. it was discovered by Eric the Red or Eric Thoualdsson . He was exiled from Iceland because of murder reports. Then when it expired he returned to Iceland to bring people to Greenland to make cohabitant. His son was born in Greenland. He discovered other places in Greenland

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Q: When was Greenland discovered?
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What viking discovered Greenland?

im not going as the viking who discoverded greenland

What did Eric the Red discover?

Greenland. He discovered Greenland

Who discovered Greenland?

Leif Ericson is NOT correct! Erik the Red discovered and created a settlement on Greenland. Leif Erikson, his son, was born in Greenland, and explored and discovered Newfoundland and Vinland.

What did Erik the red discovered?

he discovered Greenland

When did Erik the red discover Greenland?

Erik the red discovered Greenland in the year 982.

Why was Greenland discovered?

some cool person discovered it .

What vikings discovered?


What was name of leif ericsson's ship when he discovered Greenland?

um ithink the names of his ships were norseman and ravnen

Did Erik the red discover Greenland?

Erik the Red discovered Greenland

Why did Leif Erickson choose to go to Greenland?

He committed a murder in Iceland and discovered Greenland.

When did leif erickson discover Greenland?

He didn't. His father, Erik the Red, discovered Greenland.

How did Leif Ericson discovered the Greenland?

He didn't discover Greenland. His father Erik the Red did.