When was Pizzaro born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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pizarro was born in Circa 1476 Spain hope you get an A on your homework :D

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Q: When was Pizzaro born?
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Where was Fancisco pizzaro born?

Fransisco Pizzaro was born in Spain.

What year was pizzaro born?

Pizzaro was born in Feb,8th,1908

Who was Francisco Pizzaro's mother?

Rebecca Pizzaro

Who did pizzaro defeat?

Pizzaro defeated the Incas.

How do you spell francisco pizzaro's name?

francisco pizzaro

Were is pizzaro from?

Spain, Espana

Which country did francisco pizzaro sail to?

Francisco Pizzaro sailed to Hispanola

Where two explorers did not sail from the country they were born in?

christopher colmbus and pizzaro

Did francisco pizzaro have any children?

No. Francisco Pizzaro didn't have any children

What country was Pizarro's birthplace?

Pizzaro was born on either 1471 or 1476 (there are some disagreements on when exactly he was born.He was born in Extremadura, Spain.

Did Francisco Pizzaro a bad man?

What I meant was WAS Francisco Pizzaro a bad man! My bad :P

What was Pizarros advantage over the Inca?

Pizzaro's advantage over the Inca was that he knew more about the Inca then they knew about Pizzaro. Pizzaro spent 30 years fighting Native Americans.