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Ronald Ryan was hanged at 8:00am on Friday 3 February 1967.

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Q: When was Ronald Ryan hanged in Victoria?
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Who was the last person to be hanged in Victoria?

Angus Murray (1924)

Who was the last person executed in Australia?

The last execution in Australia took place in 1967, when Ronald Ryan was hanged in Victoria. Between Ryan's execution in 1967 and 1984, several more people were sentenced to death, but had their sentences commuted to life imprisonment.

Where is Ronald Ryan's rifle?

Ronald Ryan's rifle is permanently kept hidden away. The rifle has never been scientifically tested by forensics for evidence it fired a shot. Ryan was hanged on 3rd February 1967 in the absence of forensic evidence.

When did lynching decline?

Depends on the country: it didn't stop in Australia until the mid 1960's.The last man hanged was Ronald Ryan, of Melbourne.

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Queen Victoria was never hanged. She died of old age in January of 1901 at the age of 81.

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Ronald Ryan has written: 'The Dandenongs in colour'

When was Ronald Ryan born?

Ronald Ryan was born on 1925-02-21.

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The Victim

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Ronald Dunn

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