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In India black day was celebrated when it was a shameful day fro Indian constitution as they did something which was never done in the history of Indian constitution..and it is held on 21 July

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Q: When was black day in Indian constitution?
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Why republic day celebrated on 26 not on 24 or 27?

Because Indian constitution was inroduced on 26 Jan 1951.

Describe the republic day of India?

26th January is the republic day of India. Today, Indian constitution applied to all India.

When was Indian Constitution enforced on 26th Jan 1950?

when was indian constitution enforced

What is celebrated on 26th Jan in India?

Republic Day.26th Jan is an important national holiday that commemorates the establishment of the Constitution of India.The adoption of the constitution marked the transition to full independence from Britain.26th January was chosen as the date for the adoption of the constitution as it was on that day in 1930 when the Declaration of Indian Independence was proclaimed by the Indian National Congress.

How do you get a soft copy of the Indian constitution?

It is important to note that the Indian constitution is the property of the Indian government since it contains the seal of the Indian government. The soft copy of the Indian government constitution can be obtained by visiting the office of the judiciary.

What if your Question what do you mean by equality according to Indian constitution?

the indian Constitution assures equality of

Who declares first page on Indian constitution?

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When these schedules were added in Indian Constitution?

12 scheduled in present time in indian constitution

Who is the key stone of Indian constitution?

Supreme Court is the guardian of Indian constitution.

Which is the largest constitution in the world?

Indian constitution

What are the guiding values of Indian constitution?

The guiding values of Indian constitution are:We,the people of India.Sovereign.Socialist.Secular.Democratic.Republic.Justice.Liberty.Equality.Fraternity.

How many articles in Indian constitution till the date?

at present indian constitution has 444 articles