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Q: When was chatsworth house first built?
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When was Chatsworth House built?

4.5 billion B.C

When was Chatsworth House created?

Chatsworth House was created in 1696.

Who owns Chatsworth House?

Chatsworth House is owned and managed by the Chatsworth House Trust. The Duke of Devonshire and his family live at Chatsworth, paying rent to the Charity for their rooms.

What family is Chatsworth House home to?

Chatsworth House is the home to the Duke of Devonshire and the Cavendish family since 1549. The current Duke is the 12th Duke to reside at Chatsworth House.

Where is the Chatsworth house located?

The Chatsworth House is located in the United Kingdom. The house is located in North Derbyshire in England. The house has two levels and is about 60 meters across. Additionally, the house has about 175 rooms.

How many miles between leeds and chatsworth house derbyshire?


Where is the Chatsworth in Chatsworth located?

Chatsworth, California is in Los Angeles County.

What is the contact for Chatsworth House Derbyshire?

Chatsworth House Derbyshire can be contacted through email or twenty-four hour telephone. Their telephone number is 01246 565300 and their email can be reached through the Contact Us page on their website.

What is the phone number of the Chatsworth in Chatsworth?

The phone number of the Chatsworth is: 818-341-4276.

Where is the Chatsworth Township Library in Chatsworth located?

The address of the Chatsworth Township Library is: 432 East Locust Street, Chatsworth, 60921 0638

Where is the Chatsworth Historical Society in Chatsworth California located?

The address of the Chatsworth Historical Society is: 10385 Shadow Oak Drive, Chatsworth, CA 91311-2063

Where is the Chatsworth-Murray County Library in Chatsworth located?

The address of the Chatsworth-Murray County Library is: 706 Old Dalton-Ellijay Road, Chatsworth, 30705 0705